Habit Tracker – Climbing up the Stairs

We bring you yet another FREE print-out! This is a monthly habit tracker, ideal for fitness, diets, or any other goals which require self-control but ultimately lead to a reward.

How to use: There are 31 unshaded up-facing steps. Each one represents a day in the month. As you commit to your habit and successfully complete it each day, color in the step. We’ve left the decision of where to put text totally up to you. The download is a zip file that contains 2 pdf versions of the tracker. One has a “masonry” pattern and the other is “clean”. You can either load the pdfs digitally into your favorite app or print them out.

File type: 2 PDFs

Resolution: 600 dpi (double the standard 300 dpi)

File size: US Letter (A4), 11 x 8.5 inches (6600 x 5100 pixels)


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