How To Use a Fountain Pen – A Full Crash Course

Learn how to use fountain pens in this concise yet informative article

Knowing how to use a fountain pen may seem useless in an age where digital communication technologies are relegating even the humble ballpoint to the stationery drawer. And yet, this historic technique is still being sought out by those who appreciate its distinguished classiness – and you won’t learn any of it in school. If […]

How To Write a Diary Entry (with Clear Examples)

A proper diary entry is important in the long-term. The examples, formatting, and suggestions in this post will help you get a clear idea of keeping a personal diary

Diary entries can be more than a personal record of the day’s events or rants of how you feel after an argument with your BFF. They can also be a safehouse for unpeeling the layers of your psyche. With consistent practice, your diary entry can reveal your deeper self, help you brainstorm grand ideas, and […]

Great Nature Journaling Ideas, Prompts, & Books

Featured image for our nature journal article

For the first time in human history, technology is desensitizing society to “nature awareness”. For instance, kids are wired to view screen time as a more appealing playtime than being in the park climbing trees or on a jungle gym. I didn’t realize how much this problem affected me until I began going on walks […]

Truly Motivational Quotes for Your Bullet Journal

Featured image representing the importance of quotes, which can be used in bullet journal projects for inspiration and motivation

Speech has power! It can change the way we think and act in a matter of seconds. And in these wild times, it’s so easy to think negatively, to act numbly as if we were on autopilot. That’s why Casey and I have earnestly compiled a refined list of quotes, ones that remind you why […]

What Spread Ideas Should You Put in a Bullet Journal?

BuJo pages should help you reach your productivity goals

I love buffets but also feel overwhelmed when I see the plethora of mouthwatering selections. I mean, SO many goodies, SO much appetite – and yet, ONLY so much stomach. Talk about analysis paralysis! One of the daunting struggles when it comes to bullet journaling is choosing what spreads to put in it. After all, […]