Truly Motivational Quotes for Your Bullet Journal

Featured image representing the importance of quotes, which can be used in bullet journal projects for inspiration and motivation

Speech has power! It can change the way we think and act in a matter of seconds. And in these wild times, it’s so easy to think negatively, to act numbly as if we were on autopilot. That’s why Casey and I have earnestly compiled a refined list of quotes, ones that remind you why […]

What Spread Ideas Should You Put in a Bullet Journal?

BuJo pages should help you reach your productivity goals

I love buffets but also feel overwhelmed when I see the plethora of mouthwatering selections. I mean, SO many goodies, SO much appetite – and yet, ONLY so much stomach. Talk about analysis paralysis! One of the daunting struggles when it comes to bullet journaling is choosing what spreads to put in it. After all, […]

What is Art Journaling and Is It Right for You?

Art journaling is an incredibly versatile outlet for creativity. It also has several benefits

Journaling is a very therapeutic and personal activity. But it could be a real challenge finding the right words to express our feelings, which sometimes seem too complex for language. That’s why art journals are popular. They let us create positive affirmations with tools less intimidating than adjectives and adverbs. In this concise post, you’ll […]

How To Make Your Own “Washi Tape” (Free Design Included!)

DIY faux Washi tape is easy and fun to make!

Washi tape is a Japanese stationery product that cleverly combines the properties of origami paper with a low-tack adhesive. The colorful paper tape can be used for many craft projects such as bullet journals. Why would you want to create your own Washi tape? One reason is you have complete control over the design. Maybe […]

6 Subtle Benefits of Journaling Before Bed

The benefits of journaling before bed are subtle, but transcend mind and body

The calmer hours before bed are a great time for self-reflection and introspection. It’s when I can suspend life’s relentless reel by ignoring the world without feeling flaky or lazy. The clearer mind that ensues puts me in a pen-to-paper kind of mood. In fact, my creative juices flow actively in the wee hours. What […]